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Look good, feel good, do good.

Once upon a time, getting ready for the gym required no more effort than throwing on a pair of joggers and a baggy t-shirt and it was not a pre-requisite that said joggers and t-shirt had to match.

These days however, it has become a lot more prevalent to make an actual effort for the gym. Just as you would if you were going out for lunch. That’s not to say you have to do a full face of make up and all the rest of it. it just means that people are taking more pride in their appearance at the gym. Which I can only see as a good thing. One of the simplest, easiest ways to boost confidence levels is to make an extra effort when it comes to appearance.  Even if that does mean your wearing a full face of make-up, it might not be the best idea for your skin but if it gives you that confidence boost then absolutely go for it! At Contour Allure we are all about increasing confidence however that may be!

For any fellow geeks out there, I believe the above mental changes that come as a result of our appearance has been termed ‘enclothed cognition’ #FactOfTheDay

That being said, it isn’t always the easiest task making ones self feel good in active wear. At times it can be most unforgiving.

Here are a couple of my favorite gym looks of 2017 and a couple of tips to rock active wear whether it be in the gym or running errands because fitness is a lifestyle after all!

Dress for you

Raise your hand if you have items of clothing in your wardrobe, older than a couple of months that still have the tags on. *raises hand*. Why haven’t you worn the items of clothing? You bought them so you must like them. Well, if you’re anything like me it will be because you’ve seen other people wearing the style and you liked it on them but when you’re wearing it, it just doesn’t quite feel like you.

Well, if you don’t wear ‘ordinary’ clothes because you don’t like the way you feel in them, why would you do the same with active wear, particularly if the gym isn’t an environment you feel especially confident in.

For me, this is Sports bra’s with leggins. I adore the way other people slay this look however, it just leaves me feeling self-conscious and its about all I end up focusing on which translates to a rubbish workout.

One of my favorite #Fitspo’s, Nikki B absolutely donning the leggins & crop combo

Bright Colours and Bold Prints

Like that epidsode of The Simpsons where Springfield Elementary instill an all grey uniform and it zaps the kids personalities until the rain comes and reveals all the colours in the clothing and fun resumes.

Bright colours and bold prints are extremely uplifting, perfect for those cardio days when you need lots of energy and a bit of an attitude boost. Its hard to be gloomy when everything else is so bright!

Don’t you already feel happy & positive just looking at this outfit?!

Layer Up

A cute oversized jumper, a top over a sports bra, a crop top with a jacket, layers are life! Not to mention a chic look that can take you from running errands to pumping iron.

Layer it up babe

All Black Everything

Because there is not a person on the planet who doesn’t look amazing in all black. Girl Slay.

If its good enough for Kimmy K its good enough for us

Before we part ways, until tomorrow, I just want to make sure we are all on the same page with this post. The last thing I want is for you to feel more stress and self-conscious about the gym. The purpose of this blog is for you to make yourself feel comfortable, amazing and confident – however that may be. Whether it be in slouchy joggers and jumper or crop top and shorts, it’s about what makes YOU feel the best:

The clothing we wear has a direct effect on the way we think and act. Ergo, you want to achieve amazing results, make yourself feel amazing!

You do you boo boo, feel amazing, confident and own it!




  1. Literally dressing up for a gym or exercise is now so fancy and I really like it! xx

  2. Loveeeeee this post Missy 🙌🏼 I love new
    gym kit!

    1. Thank you lovely! Can’t beat fresh gym kit xx

  3. I love all the funky work-out gear on the market these days! Thanks for the

    1. Me too! You’re welcome lovely x

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