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I was recently asked to do a blog about funerals. Initially I declined. What do my fitness loving followers want to talk about funerals for? It kept playing on my mind though. It’s a topic that is seldom discussed, especially among people of our age, other than on occasion with friends when you may jokingly say “I want this song played at my funeral”. At the end of the day, it is inevitable that we are all going to need funeral services at some point or other, and rather than ignoring that fact and leaving loved ones with one more heartbreaking situation to deal with when the time comes I think we should step up and take responsibility for our bodies. In a way, that’s kind of like what Contour Allure is about too (loosely granted but it is definitely about taking responsibility for our own well being). Plus, imagine the peace of mind it will bring perhaps yourself, but definitely your loved ones to hear that you have sorted everything out.

Funeral Goals?

Fact of the matter is, this is one of those subject that nobody enjoys talking about but definitely should. Having experience the loss of loved ones of all ages and differing levels of health, as I am sure you all have, the funeral planning is always painful. It’s like being stuck in limbo and the funeral planning takes over grieving.


All of that though, comes before discovering the expense of funerals. Thoughts on this are very often neglected until they are staring you straight in the face. Trust me when I say, they are expensive and not being able to afford giving loved ones the send off you feel they deserve will sit with you forever. I remember my granddads funeral, very small, no flowers, no wake, just family members and the vicar in a crematorium – such an injustice to the wonderful person my granddad was.

I certainly never want to put my family through that. Even though, much like my mum, I don’t so much care what happens to my body when I go because I’m not about to feel anything am I. However, those heart wrenching decisions, the painful process – not something I want to subject my family to.


Pride Planning Funeral Services actually have the perfect solution. You can not only plan your entire funeral through them but you can pay for it to.


We had a little Q and A session with them because this is something that I think everybody should know and do actually:


Q: Do you find younger people are preparing more for funerals than before? 


A: Younger people are certainly investment savvy and we have seen an upturn in enquiries from younger people who recognise that fixing the cost at today‘s funeral prices will save their family a lot of money later on down the line, no matter how far ahead that may be. 


Go Millennials!


Q: We have talked a bit about the cost of funerals but why are they so expensive and does the cost change often? 

A: Many variable factors drive up funeral costs from cremation fees, ministers fees and funeral directors costs. Currently doubling every 10 years which is a worry for a lot of people. 


We all remember the fateful year of 2016, so many funerals;


Q: Celebrity funerals are often BIG news. Do you see an increase in elaborate enquiries after a high profile funeral? 

A: Yes, we have had a lot of enquiries for a direct cremation product after David Bowie did this. A direct cremation is where the body is picked up and just ashes returned to the family so, no actual funeral. We received so many enquiries for this service in fact it resulted in us launching  a direct cremation product.

Lastly and of course, not least;


Q: What makes Pride Planning a reliable business for funeral planning? 

A: Pride Planning operate an independent Trust managed by professional trustees and award winning international fund managers. The Trust is valued annually by our actuary it has historically and is currently out performing rising funeral costs allowing our customers to benefit from this growth with a fixed price pre-paid funeral. 

Up until being asked to write this post, this was not something I had ever thought about. My focus has always been very much on living (as it should be) however, I just couldn’t shake thinking about the topic, maybe it’s the elephant in the room that nobody really knows is there? Either way, I thought this would be a useful post for us all. Myself included. I’ll definitely putting more thought into my own funeral (there’s something I never thought I’d say) will you?


If you would like any assistance with this or any further information, Pride Planning’s website is really useful:

Happy Funeral Planning… at least talk about it.

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  1. This is something we should definitely all be thinking about. Even just
    letting people know what to do with your organs and whether you have a
    preference for being cremated or buried.

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