Its officially summer time! Yesterday was summer solstice, the weather certainly did not demonstrate this but it got me thinking about summer holidays back during the school years. They used to be so much fun! Come rain or shine, pretty much everyday was spent outdoors, the whole street used to come together to play one huge game of manhunt or we would go on bike rides on mass (living right on the penines has its perks) or just have random races with each other – though I never did win any of those races! Summer holidays as adults don’t quite bring the same sorts of excitement anymore (I move for an annual six week break from work… with pay!) but in all seriousness, one of the things I miss most about being a kid in the summer is the amount of fun and enjoyment we got being outdoors and this got me to thinking of ways to bring some of those fun childhood moments into our adult fitness regimes and lifestyles – enter ‘Summer Series‘. The Summer Series are going to be dedicated to incorporating childhood activities into our everyday lives and fitness routines in a bid to allow more time in the great outdoors. Going from home to gym to office to home does not leave a great deal of time to get out in the fresh air and enjoy the beauty of the world around.

Christmas of 2015, Santa gifted me with some bad ass roller blades. Unfortunately, thus far they have barely been on my feet. I always imagine myself taking them to New York and skating round Central Park whenever I see them but yesterday as I was feeling inspired (and brave) I saw them and decided to seize the moment so, kicking off the first of the Summer Series is Rollerblading!

Fast forward 2 minutes. The roller blades were on my feet, the dog was on his lead and the boyfriend was laughing at the mayhem that was about to ensue but I was feeling on top of the world. Confident with a touch of cocky, we were out of the door. Immediately, that touch of cocky came to bite me on the butt! This roller blading malarkey was no where near as easy as I remembered. Where did this sudden fear of the floor come from and why had my balance deserted me?! Still holding on to the dogs lead, my boyfriend escorted me safely to the road and out came the confidence again, straight line going forward added in a bit of a wave with the legs because I got this, it’s like I’d never stopped which quickly turned into feeling like I was never going to stop, especially with the dog pulling me along. Yes boys and girls, last night my dog took me for a walk!

From a fitness stance though, I truly never expected this to be such hard work! Roller blading really is a work out! My glutes, hammies, quads, calves, abs were all switched on and aching by the time we returned home, the duration of the outing was probably only 15 minutes in total. Not to mention being sweaty and out of breath. Does this mean I found a cardio that is actually enjoyable?!

The verdict. Rollerblading is an excellent lower body work out with an extra cardio element. I’m sure once I’ve learned to stop correctly instead of throwing myself at fences, the cardio benefits will prove even more effective. Additionally, this 100% brought some childhood fun to a workout. Maybe my abs are currently hurting so much as a result of the laughter (and fear). Already can’t wait to get back out on them and when the time comes to skate around Central Park I will be a pro!

Be sure to keep checking the Instagram page/Snapchat where I’ll be posting videos of mastered skills and no doubt there will be videos of all the failed attempts at mastering skills on there too! @ContourAllure @TheMissyT


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