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Manchester | Hotel Gotham

Tonights post is NO JOKE. There have been some birthday celebrations recently which I have been dying to share with you! Chris is now a fully fledged member of Club 25! I really wanted to make it one to remember for him. In my eyes, every birthday is special because you are only that age …


Fit Girl Guide | Trafford, Manchester

MCR It may seem slightly bizarre to you that Trafford has made the cut for the ‘Fit Girl Guide’ series, given that it is literally a 30 minute drive from my house but there is good reason for it. Not only is it home to one of my favorite places to go have some fun …


Fit Girl Guide | Dublin

First week back at work and we survived! Go Team. That being said, it’s about time we got another holiday booked already! Problem is, everyone seems to think we have to wait for summer to arrive for a week on the beach but guess, you dont have to wait! Literally, you can go on holiday …