Workout Buddy

Having a workout buddy is EVERYTHING! Don’t get me wrong though, solo workouts are the bomb at times too, but there are 100% more pro’s to having a workout buddy.

Having invested time into increasing knowledge and understanding of exercises and planning effective workouts and my confidence (or lack thereof as the case was) was no longer restricting gym sessions to be out of hours, the hunt for a gym buddy began.

Moving back to England and starting a new job, which included a gym membership as a benefit, seriously aided in the search. After a short time, it became clear that there were a lot of us on the same mission. After bugging a couple of people to come along it was kind of like a snowball effect resulting in myself and 5 girls (#GirlSquad) now going to the gym on a regular basis.

It is safe to say that gym sessions are now filled with sly snapchats (@themissyt), sarcy comments and major laughing fits, so much so, it wouldn’t be entirley unreasonable to suggest that, that is the reason for the existence of our abs! Many would criticise and say that this means we aren’t working hard enough and focus isnt there but honestly, we work our butts off. A work out partner is not just there to pass the time and make the workouts more enjoyable, the whole point of having a buddy is to help each other push limits, spot and support each other, make sure there is no bailing on sets (or even sessions) and to keep the motivation. It is so easy to skip out on yourself but having somebody there to hold you accountable, not so easy.

Of course, with every situation no matter how positive, there are always some drawbacks. The most major drawback in my experience is the change in dynamic of sessions when compared to solo sessions, which of course was 100% going to happen. The change in dynamic proved more problematic than initially expected as the intesity decreased, style of workout became very random, rest periods hugely increased and planning of sessions became much harder due to having to consider availability of equipment in an already under equipped gym. Personal progress has definitely taken a beating.

It would be beneficial is to establish common goals and work towards them. If goals differ or preferential style of workout largely varies then it may be an idea to alternate sessions as oppose to irradicating one or the other.

The most important thing to hold onto is your own personal vision, it is more than ok, infact vital to have fun along the way, the danger lies in becoming so consumed with the fun and social side that it negatively impacts personal development. Balance is key. Have fun but keep pushing the limits.


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